About us

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For more than 40 years Double Check Lily has a passion for growing lilies of top quality! Jacob Evers is the third in a generation of growers that put all their efforts in delivering good products from Dutch soil.

The name Double Check Lily is used by Kwekerij Hasselt since 2000. This name refers to the high standards that are used by the company. Every lily is double checked to garantee the best quality. Double Check Lily also refers to the two departments of our company.

As a progressive company we have grown from 2,5 hectare to a modern enterprise of more than 8 hectares. We deliver a broad assortment of lilies thereby using the newest techniques and processes.

Our specialty is offering the newest cultivars of Asiatics and Orientals. We can deliver them throughout the year in any number wanted.

Every day the team of Double Check Lily works hard to create a beautiful assortment that meets the requirements of you and your customers.