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The lily originates from the Northern hemisphere. Wild lilies are found in both Asia, Europe and North America. The lily grows at sea level and at higher altitudes up to 3000 meters. Some varieties are very widespread. The L. martagon, for example is found from Siberia up to the Balkans. Other varieties are very local. L. regale, for example, was discovered in 1903 on the steep slopes of a remote valley in the Chinese province of Szechuan. It is found nowhere else. There are many lily varieties. At present more than 100 different lily varieties are known.

Breeders and growers are constantly developing new varieties with a longer shelf life, special scents, and with or without pollen. The lily family is therefore broad.

There are four main groups lilies:

1. Asian hybrids
2. Lilium longiflorum
3. LA's (Longiflorum x Asiatic hybrids)
4. Oriental Hybrids

Double Check Lily grows Asian Hybrids, LA's and Oriental Hybrids

Asiatic Hybrids and LA's

The Asians Hybrids have been developed from a large group o f varieties from China, Europe and America. They can be recognized by the broad spectrum of colors (white, pink, orange, yellow, red and purple) with many distinctive (mixed) colors. The plant is herbaceous. The stem bear a large number of buds. The flowers have a modest size and stand upright. The length of the stems varies from 70 to 100 cm. The flowers have a vase life of between 8 and 12 days. This group of lilies is unscented or only lightly scented.

The LAs are a hybrid form of Asian hybrids and Longiflorums. The LA hybrids were introduced around 1992. This production of this lily group grows fast.  Although the LA looks similar to the Asian hybrid there are some differences. The buds of the LA are larger. This is on of the main reasons for their popularity with consumers. The scent of the flower is a bit stronger than the Asians.

Double Check Lily offers the following assortment of Asians and LA's:

Pavia, Salmon Classic, Beausoleil, Brindisi, Dimension, Trésor, Honesty, Lithuania, Nashville, Relucida, Venetian and Vermeer.

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Orientals are  the result of crossbreeding of different species from Japan. Therefore the Oriental is also called the "Japanese lily'.

The colors are mainly white, yellow, pink (from light pink to almost red), red and combinations thereof. The plant is woody with leathery leaves. They usually have 3 to 5 flowers, but a larger number is possible. The growing period is generally long (± 110 days) to flowering.

The flowers are very large (± 20 cm) and bloom upright. Each flower is connected to the main branch. Orientals are not very sensitive to light and require a slightly higher temperature during the growing period. All Orientals scent moderately to strongly. The length ranges from 90 cm to 120 cm. These lilies have a vase life of 10 to 14 days.

Double Check Lily Orientals offers the following range:

Montezuma, Namara and Santander.

Our assortment is expanded every week.

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